Turing Talks is a one day conference that not only will inspire change, but result in real outcomes. Our sponsors and partners made a great contribution to a memorable day and helped us make a real difference – both in connecting those with a passion for using technology to solve problems in the developing world, and also in supporting the work of the Turing Trust.

The Turing Trust will use all funds raised by the conference to support their projects in rural Africa (Ghana, Kenya and Malawi).

You can learn more about some of the Turing Trust projects below.

Change a Community with a SolarBerry

Helping a community to innovate and grow, our SolarBerries empower communities to develop new skills and sustainably commercialise them.

A self-financing, community-owned off-grid computer lab, the SolarBerry is powered by solar energy and fitted with energy-efficient Raspberry Pi computers. Built using a recycled shipping container, computer lab provides a secure environment for the IT equipment whilst reducing construction costs.

By clicking this link you can view a 3D rendering of this exciting project underway in Malawi.

SB 3D image_BH_copyright

Your sponsorship will help us extend these efficient computer labs to more rural communities. The costs of the project include the purchase of the container, its conversion and outfitting, and the costs of the equipment, transport and installation.

Cost of project: £18,000


  • Purchase and conversion of the shipping container
  • All computers and other equipment
  • Shipment and installation in rural Africa.

Help 20 Schools Keep their Computer Labs running for a year

Help us fund a technician for a year to provide essential support to the staff in the rural schools who may have little experience of running a computer lab.

Setting up computer labs is vital but so is maintaining them. The challenging environment of high temperatures, dust and intermittent power supplies means that equipment needs regular care and attention to keep it up and running.

DSC_0466 (3)

Support from a technician is vital in ensuring that the students can obtain maximum benefit from the resources provided. The costs of this project are for 1 technician to support 20 schools and include staffing costs, transport and the costs of spares and replacement computers if they cannot be repaired.

Cost of project: £11,200


  • Staffing costs (1 technician to support 20 schools)
  • Transport for visits to schools
  • Cost of spare parts or replacement computers.

Ship a container of 500 computers to Mzuzu, Malawi

Help us send enough equipment to set up 25 computer labs in schools in rural Malawi.

Whilst we love getting donations of computer equipment we also need to get it to where it needs to be. Shipping to a landlocked country takes some organisation and travel by sea, rail and road.

TT-shipping day 3-9-16_3456-group-shot

Your sponsorship will help us to send 500 computers and associated IT equipment to setup 25 computer labs in schools.

Cost of project: £9000


  • Shipping from Edinburgh to Beira, Mozambique
  • Port costs
  • Transport from Beira to Centre for Youth and Development, Mzuzu, Malawi

Training workshops for teachers in Ghana or Malawi

Providing equipment is one thing, but ensuring that the staff are confident in using them is what makes our projects successful.


Help us provide essential training for the teachers of the schools who receive our computers and equipment in:

  • Basic maintenance and repair
  • Networking
  • Utilising our educational resources.

Our courses provide the necessary support to help the staff be confident in using the equipment to enhance their teaching and inspire their students.

Cost of project: £1,400


  • 3 days of training for 20 teachers
  • Transport and subsistence for 20 teachers (most will need overnight accommodation)
  • Transport and subsistence for 3 trainers / facilitators

 “Computers in rural schools in Africa are a BIG deal”

Edmund Pinto, Turing Trust Ghana director,

LITE conference, 2016