Turing Talks: A Space to Share

Turing Talks was created as a platform for ideas to be shared, for connections to be made, and for change to happen. In the opening stages we reached out to the boldest and the brightest in the TechDev industry to ask them to come and showcase amazing work happening across the sector.

The response was fantastic. We have 17 inspirational speakers lined up from organisations big and small. Charlotte Scott from Mwabu who is Zambia’s former 1st (and 2nd!) Lady, and Judith Hermetter from onebillion will be covering technological innovations in education. Eva Kaplan from UNICEF, Matthew Gardiner from Techfugees, and Roland Bone from Barclays will each be exploring ways tech can be used to aid refugees – from the use of blockchain to remit funds to conflict zones, to ensuring that camps have access to clean water. Stephen Kelly of Sage, Steve Clayton from Microsoft, and the adventurer broadcaster Mark Beaumont will be talking about some of the challenges working in Africa can pose and how working with them and not against them is often the solution. The Turing Trust founder, James Turing, and BBOXX CTO, Chris Baker-Brian, will showcase innovative ways solar power can be used in off-grid communities. We also have Hayley Sudbury from Werkin discussing how tech can be used to close the gender gap, Dr Geoffrey Siwo from IBM Research sharing his work on using trackers to stop disease spreading, and Amanda Regan from the European Space Agency sharing how observing Earth from above can help prevent disasters. Not to mention our chairs, Sir Dermot Turing, nephew of Alan Turing and author of Prof – Alan Turing Decoded, and the philanthropic adventurer Bernie Hollywood OBE who has raised over £39.8 million for charity.

It will be enthralling to see how industry is coming together to change the way development is evolving. Given that Alan Turing, whose legacy continues to inspire the Turing Trust and Turing Talks, spent so much of his life in academia, we are also including university students from across Scotland. We will have a poster presentation from our six finalists. This will be an amazing opportunity to gain an insight into the future of the TechDev industry by learning about the projects of those who are up and coming. The students’ topics range from using wind energy for sustainable rural development to using data visualisation in policy making.

Turing Talks will foster relationships between those who are making change happen and those who are just getting started. James Turing, said: “Turing Talks is demonstrating that you can bring together people and organisations passionate about using tech to enable real change – we like to think of it as disrupting the way we are working with the developing world.”

Turing Talks is not an event to be missed, get your tickets here.


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