Why Turing Talks Matters

Alan Turing made a real difference in WW2. His achievements in the field of computing continue to influence our lives. Join us in learning how we can make a difference to those who are currently excluded from the benefits of the digital age. The Turing Talks are for all with a passion for using technology to promote education and development in Africa. This will be an exciting 1 day conference for sharing and disseminating the best projects, large and small, and stimulating innovation and collaboration. Speakers will appraise the evidence that technology can make a difference, and look ahead at how we could do more. The Turing Talks will include debate on the challenges faced when introducing technological solutions in the developing world, and how they can be overcome.

Net proceeds from the conference will go to support the work of the Turing Trust, bringing computers and digital educational resources to rural schools in Ghana and Malawi.